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Stout-Air has been an established HVAC service provider in Northern California since 2010. We love to see people happy and healthy, and installing or repairing heating and air allows us to improve the lives of our customers every day. Our team is prompt, affordable, and always friendly. We get you what you need to feel comfortable in your home or business sooner rather than later. Stout-Air doesn’t take clients like you for granted because, without you, we don’t have a business! We want to support our community by providing property owners with HVAC help that truly makes a difference. Because we are a small business, we not only want to improve the lives of our community through our services, but also through our purchases. All of our parts and materials are locally sourced — which means two things. Our business supports other local businesses by buying their products, and, you get quicker service because of the diminished wait time on parts.

Let us go above and beyond to get you the HVAC repair you need today!

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 Repairmen work on a home's air conditioner.

Tim Stout - Owner 

Tim fell in love with heating and air at 17. After he discovered HVAC, he trained for years, succeeding and failing along the way while studying units by taking them apart and putting them together to become a great technician. Tim worked for several companies before deciding to start his own, Stout-Air, developing the skills and experience he needed to lead the team at Stout-Air.

He wants to serve people in ways other companies cannot and will not. Tim cares about his clients and forms a personal connection with every customer to let them know he cares about them and their concerns. He is committed to cultivating a safe, friendly atmosphere whenever he or a member of his team is in your home for an installation or repair. He also makes sure you are part of the decision-making with your unit. He wants to keep you informed and talks through the pros and cons of potential improvements that can make the unit better, if it will be cost-effective to fix or replace the unit, and more.

Let Tim and his team give you peace of mind about your HVAC unit when you work with Stout-Air today.

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Stout-Air is your trusted HVAC service provider in Northern California. With more than 10 years as a company and hands-on experience for all of our technicians, we have seen a wide variety of situations. Whether you need a new unit installed or consistent maintenance, we’ve got you covered. Tim, our owner, is ready to talk you through the process so you understand what is going on while we're working. You can rest assured that we have the experience you need and we get the job done well the first time.

It is our passion first and foremost to keep you and your family healthy. Whether you are worried about the presence of allergens in your HVAC system or something just isn’t working quite right, you can trust us to take care of you and deliver the best HVAC repairs and services in Northern California.

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