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Air conditioners, whether they be in your home or business, need to be regularly maintained in order to prevent breakdowns. Beyond just saving money on unexpected breakdowns and extra energy bills, there are many advantages to performing regular maintenance on your HVAC system. Stout Air is committed to servicing your Northern California home and professional environment. Making sure your HVAC system is functioning to the best of its ability.


Improves Your Air Quality

The air circulating due to your AC needs to be clean to prevent causing or worsening respiratory issues. Allergens that are present in the outside world need to stay outside. If they’re brought into your home or business via the AC system, it can not only cause unpleasant smells, but any dampness in the vents can also cause mold; this mold can cause sickness over long-term exposure. Stout Air’s residential and commercial technicians keep you safe with our $120 Full AC Maintenance package — take advantage of our services and prevent any future illnesses.

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Regulates The Inside Temperature

Perhaps one of the most critical aspects of an HVAC system is comfort for the people living and working in the space. If your air conditioner isn’t working as it should, the temperature in your house or business may not be regulated as efficiently as before. Regularly maintaining your heating and cooling system, constantly checking for issues that can cause complications, is the best way to ensure comfort all year-round. Now is your chance to contact Stout Air for a full assessment of your HVAC system, which is included in our AC Service; we’ll carefully diagnose and treat any mechanical issues you may be experiencing, saving you time and money.

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Improves Your Carbon Footprint

Having an efficient air conditioning unit consumes less fuel than a unit that isn’t working properly. Air conditioners often use a coolant that can be harmful to the environment, hence why it's essential to make sure your system is running as well as it can. Stout Air can help you care for the outdoors and live more comfortably by investigating the cause of any malfunctions and diagnosing them. This portion of our AC Service is only $95, and we only charge our client this fee if we can correctly identify the issue. You can feel confident knowing your AC Service will be affordable and accurate, as our technicians are the best in Northern California.

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Invests In Preventative Maintenance

There are some preventative measures you can take to protect your home or business, and ensure your air conditioner is in the best shape it can be. Make sure the area surrounding your AC’s internal and external components is clean and not blocked. One of the most popular reasons for HVAC systems failing is the outside vent being blocked, so it cannot bring in enough air to be efficient. Buying good quality air filters and switching them out regularly is vital to ensure your system is running correctly. Stout Air’s technicians are happy to give your system a look-over and find out what may be causing your unit’s failure. We never perform any billable work without our client’s approval and are happy to do whatever we can to help you live better.

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If you notice any potential issues with your air conditioning system, it’s imperative to have a heating and cooling expert from Stout Air assess the situation. Stout Air is also proud to offer a credit for repairs and services of our old units, if we decide to install a new system after we repaired the previous one. Reach out to Stout Air for a quote today!

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