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Welcome to Chico, a charming city located in Northern California known for its stunning natural beauty and vibrant community. Chico is a place where locals and visitors alike can enjoy the great outdoors, explore local shops and restaurants, and experience the unique culture of this special place. But when it comes to staying comfortable in your home or business, you need reliable heating and cooling services to keep you comfortable year-round. That's where Stout Air comes in, providing top-quality HVAC services to Chico residents for years. Get in touch with our HVAC contractors today!

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Comprehensive HVAC Services

At Stout Air, we understand that Chico's weather can be unpredictable, with hot summers and chilly winters. That's why we offer comprehensive heating and cooling services to keep your home or business comfortable no matter the season. Our experienced technicians are trained to install and repair all types of HVAC systems, including air conditioners, furnaces, heat pumps, and more. We also offer emergency repair services, so you can count on us to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

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HVAC Maintenance

To keep your HVAC system functioning properly, it's important to have regular maintenance and tune-ups. Our knowledgeable technicians are trained to diagnose any potential problems with your heating or cooling system before they become major issues. We provide a range of services, from routine cleanings and filter changes to duct sealing and more. With our preventive maintenance services, you can ensure that your heating and cooling system is running smoothly and efficiently.

Customer Service-Focused HVAC Contractors

At Stout Air, we only hire the best HVAC contractors in Chico, ensuring that you receive top-quality service every time you work with us. Our contractors are fully licensed and insured, with years of experience working on all types of HVAC systems. They are also committed to ongoing training and education, staying up-to-date on the latest industry advancements to provide you with the best possible service.


At Stout Air, we are committed to providing reliable heating and cooling services to Chico residents. Our experienced HVAC technicians offer comprehensive heating and cooling services, from installations and repairs to preventive maintenance. Plus, with our customized approach, you can trust that we will find the heating and cooling system that works best for your property. For all your heating and cooling needs in Chico, contact Stout Air today!

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